Now offering a support group for new and soon to be mothers. This group will explore and process the everyday challenges and work through the myth of “perfect parenting” in a safe and supportive environment… Learn more.

Facilitated by Prisma Martinez, LMFT

This sex and body positive group creates a safe place where womxn can express themselves, explore their sexuality, bust through the shackles of shame, and ask all the questions that can be difficult to talk to their partner or doctor about. Though talking about sex can feel a feel a little uncomfortable, many people find that when they get up the nerve to talk about sex, not only does their sex life become more fulfilling, their partner really appreciates it. It is ok to be nervous–that’s why this group has created a space where you can work through that anxiety and learn how to talk about what your body needs and appreciates. You will also learn how communicating for yourself gives your partner the comfort to communicate as well… Learn more.

Facilitated by Sierra K. Briscoe, AMFT

This group will help parents understand how to connect and better parent from a positive parenting and coaching approach. This will also help parents discover the underlying challenges related to a child’s behavior… Learn more.

Facilitated by Jennifer Drader, AMFT

We all face self-doubt on some level, but it can escalate as we become more successful and cause Imposter Syndrome (IS). IS leads to doubting your accomplishments and being fearful that you will be exposed as a fraud. IS can cause severe anxiety, symptoms of depression, and can lead to loneliness and isolation. Designed to help professionals overcome IS, this group will help you work through these feelings and help you combat shame, embrace your greatness, build your confidence, and learn how to overcome self-doubt… Learn more.

Facilitated by Lara Mekhitarian, LMFT