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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
AMFT #113380
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Shaina Goelman is an associate marriage and family therapist (#113380) and associate professional clinical counselor (#6425). She works with adolescents, adults and couples in a collaborative environment and aims to create a safe space where everyone can be open, feel safe and flourish.

Shaina received her Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University and her bachelor’s degree from Emerson College. Shaina got her start working in entertainment and understands the unique issues that face those working in that industry. Shaina worked with clients at APLA Health and has experience with clients facing trauma, depression, suicidality and anxiety.

Shaina Goelman is supervised by Daniele Iturbide, LMFT(#47464).

“I am especially passionate about working with teenagers who are dealing with bullying, peer pressure, individuation, identity development, social anxieties, and academic pressures. I feel that teens aren’t often taken seriously because of their age and their struggle to find their voice. my goal is to remedy that and provide a safe and accepting ENVIRONMENT where they can open up and grow .” - Shaina Goelman


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