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The core goal of this group practice is to provide our clients with a safe, confidential, judgment-free environment.


Resiliency specialists with a passion for helping you heal the hurt and build a life you love.

Our approach to serving our clients is to ensure that the therapist they have is the best fit for their needs. We have an exceptional group of therapists on staff who offer a variety of different specialties, allowing us to collaborate in ways that enrich our relationships with our clients and our practice as a whole.


our specialties

The most unique part of Heal the Hurt Counseling is that our staff specializes in a variety of specific needs. We understand that everyone’s needs are distinctive and we want to make sure you are connected to the person who can best help you meet those needs. That is why we pride ourselves on the different specialties we offer here at Heal the Hurt. Each of our therapists are trained in specific modalities and issues that can help you get the best care that you need.


Wherever you are, whatever you need from a therapy experience, our Heal the Hurt team is here for you.

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