The core goal of this group practice is to provide our clients with a safe, confidential, judgment-free environment. We invest in our clients from the heart and focus on creating healthy and loving relationships, whatever that means to you. We help you build confidence and work through your difficulties so you can evolve emotionally and personally. Most of all, we respect you as a unique individual with your own incredible story—and challenge you to fulfill your potential and achieve your dreams. 

Our approach to serving our clients is to ensure that the therapist they have is the best fit for their needs. We have an exceptional group of therapists on staff who offer a variety of different specialties, allowing us to collaborate in ways that enrich our relationships with our clients and our practice as a whole. 

Always deeply rooted in compassion, our resiliency-based work is designed to help focus on what is working versus what isn’t. So often in therapy, the focus is on the struggles and challenges individuals are facing in their lives. While it is crucial to process and work through difficulties and suffering, recognizing where individuals are thriving can be life-changing. Our goal is to make sure you are aware that you aren’t just the suffering you feel and that there are already parts of your life that are helping to reinforce the resiliency we hope to help you build upon. 

If a major event in your past still impacts your day-to-day, we will work with you rekindle your energy and passions, returning you to the person you remember or perhaps even someone stronger than ever before. 

Resiliency isn’t always easy. But it’s always possible. Together, we will work to acknowledge where you are and why, but we will strive to seek out your best path forward.

Message from Lara Mekhitarian 

As the owner and Director of Heal the Hurt Counseling, I’ve dedicated my career to working with people who desire to build their resiliency, overcome their traumatic history, and develop their identity. For years, I have committed myself to helping survivors of trauma reclaim their empowerment, thrive through challenges, and build a lifelong foundation of healthy self-acceptance and self-worth. Through my vast experiences working with trauma survivors, I became inspired to create a group practice that would allow for specialized practitioners to help people who face a variety of different needs from a trauma-informed perspective. 

We are Heal the Hurt, and that is exactly what we are designed to do for you.


Wherever you are, whatever you need from a therapy experience, our Heal the Hurt team is here for you.